Morley-IAS is one of the world's leading designers and manufacturers of fire alarm control panels and associated equipment for professional fire alarm installers. The wide range of products from Morley-IAS allows you the freedom to design the system that best suits your needs, with the option to create, add, and enhance whenever and however you wish.  We supply professional products and qualified fire alarm systems,  design and install a complete system for a building, and provide commissioning and maintenance.

The Morley-IAS DX Connexion Panel is ideally suited for use in the protection of small to medium-sized buildings. The DX Connexion range of fire alarm control panels has been developed to be the most time-efficient fire panel on the market to install. Simply fix the control panel to the wall, connect the field wiring, and in as few as four button presses later, you can have a compliant, working fire alarm system. The panel’s large graphical display provides a clear menu structure, making the whole initial set-up process quick, clear, and intuitive.

Honeywell Morley Fire Alarm System

Morley Dxc

Morley DXc Fire Alarm System

Morley ZXSe

Morley ZXSe Fire Alarm System

Morley MAX

Morley MAx Fire Alarm  System

Morley UL

Morley IAS STX
​Fire Alarm System

Honeywell UL Panel

Morley IAS SMX Fire Alarm System

Morley DXc Fire Alarm Panel

Honywell Morley Dxc

Morley ZxSe Fire Alarm System Panel

Honywell Morley ZXSe

Morley MAX Fire Alarm System Panel

Honeywell Morley MAX

Morley IAS STX
​Fire Alarm Panel

Honeywell Morley STX UL Panel

Morley IAS SMX Fire Alarm Panel

Honeywell Morley SMX Ul Panel

Morley Fire Alarm

Morley Ias fire Addressable Fire Alarm System

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